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Frequently Asked Questions about VISITicket.com cards

Q: All Products - When does my product become activated?
A: Your product becomes activated the moment you use it at your first participating location.

Q: All Products - Is a 1-day product good for a calendar day or for 24 hours?
A: The products are valid for specific calendar days, and not for 24 hour periods. A 1-day product ends when the last participant closes, or midnight if a participant is open later than that, on the day you first use it. So, if you start late in the afternoon, you only have until midnight that night at the latest to enjoy your passes.

Q: Attractions Passes - Is there a limit to how many attractions I can visit in one day?
A: No. There is no daily limit. You can visit as many of the participating attractions as you choose.

Q: Attractions Passes - Can I visit the same attraction twice in one day?
A: You may visit each attraction only once per day.

Q: All Products - I am staying in Las Vegas for one day. Can I purchase a 2-day Las Vegas product, use it one day and come back again in six months to use the other day I have left?
A: No, multi-day products are only good on consecutive days. The moment you use your product it becomes activated and starts counting down its valid period for the purchased life of the pass – 1, 2, 3 or 5 consecutive days. It will expire at midnight on the last valid day.

Q: All Products - Do I have to use a multiple day product on consecutive days or can I pick and choose which days I would like to use it?
A: Your products are only valid for consecutive days. For example, if you purchase a two-day pass, and use it for the first time on Monday, it will then expire at midnight on the next day, Tuesday.

Q: All Products - What if I lose my card?
A: VISITicket.com is not responsible for lost or stolen passes. Please be sure to put the pass in a safe place upon receipt. Try to note the unique number on your card. If you know that number, call 800-490-9330 and we can check your card to make sure it has not been used. Once non-use is confirmed, we will instruct you on how to get a replacement card.

Q: All Products - Can I purchase a product valid for only one customer to share with a friend at the same participating locations?
A: Each product is valid for 1 individual only and you may only visit each participating location once per day, so sharing the product with a friend at the same location on the same day is not possible. If you use your card at an attraction and try to pass that same card to your friend to use, the reader will reject your second attempt and admission will not be granted.

The number of valid products can be different from the number of valid cards. Products purchased for multiple individuals can be programmed onto the same card. In these cases, 1 card can be presented at a single location and used for the number of valid products on the card. Anyone trying to gain entrance above the number of valid products on the card will not be accepted.

For example, a group of 4 can purchase 4 One Day Power Passes and have them put on the same card. That card will then have 4 valid one day Power Passes on it that can be presented at each location to allow entry for all four people.

Q: All Products - I did not use my pass after I purchased it. Can I cancel it?
A: Products can be activated and used, for their valid consecutive day duration period, at any date during the one calendar year following the date of purchase. Unused products can be extended upon request at Travel Fun Card's discretion past the one year expiration.

Cancellation Policy - If your products were purchased directly from VISITicket.com, are not past their 1 year expiry, and are completely unused, you can make a cancellation request for any reason by sending an email to cancelrequest@visiticket.com. There is a 20% Cancellation / Return Fee that will be deducted from the refunded amount. (i.e. Cancellation / Return Fee for $200 order = $40) The cancellation request email should include the following – Customer Name, Contact information, Voucher number, confirmation that the product(s) have not been used, confirmation that the cancellation fees are understood.

Q: All Products - How Will I Receive My Order?
A: After completing your online purchase, simply print out your voucher and use it to pick up your card at one of our redemption locations in your destination city. The redemption location(s) will be listed on your voucher.

For some products shipping is available for an additional fee. Just select your preferred method during checkout process.

Orders where a physical shipping option has been selected will be processed during regular business hours within 24-48 hours of receipt. Orders placed on weekends will be considered Monday orders.

Delivery times are not guaranteed. If there is a chance your order will not arrive in time for your travel plans, based on the approximate processing and shipping times, please do not select physical shipping and instead choose the ‘with EMAIL VOUCHER’ option.

Q: All Products - Is there a difference between the 1, 2, 3 or 5 day passes in which attractions are included in the products?
A: There is no difference between the 1, 2, 3 or 5 day options in which participants are included in the products. (exceptions will be noted in the guide)

Q: All Products - What ages are eligible for a children's product?
A: A children's card can be purchased for any child age 12 and under.

Children under the age of 2 may not need to purchase a pass as some locations will let them in without charging admission. We recommend passes for all children aged 2 and up.

Q: MealTickets - Can I Visit the Same Restaurant More Than Once Per Day?
A: Yes. If a participating restaurant that you like offers breakfast, lunch and dinner you could choose to have all 3 meals in one day there.

Q: Attractions Passes - What happens if a location is closed due to poor weather conditions?
A: Please note that some participants may be closed, or tours cancelled, at any time due to poor weather conditions.

As is stated in the terms and conditions, ‘conditions at these attractions may change at any time. We cannot guarantee that each facility will continue to honor its indicated commitments at the time you make use of your card.’

Q: All Products - Where can I pickup my products if I have a VISITicket.com voucher?
A: Please check your voucher or check the list of designated VISITicket.com voucher redemption locations.

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Q: All Products - The order is for multiple passes for a number of people, but only one name is on the voucher, are the other people in the group going to be able to use the additional passes even though they have different names?
A: For orders that have multiple passes to be used by a family or group, it is important that the name listed on the voucher is that of the person that will be redeeming the voucher for passes as they will be asked to provide photo identification matching what is indicated on the voucher. Once the voucher has been redeemed and the passes have been issued, the passes can be distributed to the other members of the group even if they have different names.

Q: All Products – Is the VISITicket.com voucher all that is necessary to exchange for passes?
A: In order to pick-up passes that were purchased on VISITicket.com the customer listed on the voucher will need to provide the redemption location with their voucher and will need to provide the photo identification that was selected during checkout and indicated on the voucher. Once passes have been issued they will be the only thing required to visit the participating locations during their valid duration (some participants may have additional requirements for security.)

Q: Attractions Passes - How does the Power Pass work?
A: Power Passes are attraction passes that include admission to multiple popular attractions and tours. Power Passes can be purchased in 1, 2, 3 or 5 consecutive day durations. Power Pass holders can choose to visit any of the participating locations once per day their Power Pass is valid. Power Pass holders simply need to present their card according to the instructions in the guide in order to enter an attraction or join a tour. A Power Pass is activated the first time it is used. A 1 Day Power Pass will expire at midnight of the first day it is used, a 2 Day Power Pass will expire at midnight on the day after it was first used, etc.

Q: All Products – Does the Power Pass include a MealTicket?
A: Power Passes and MealTickets are separate products. Both can be purchased here on VISITicket.com.

Q: All Products – What other passes does VISITicket.com offer?
A: Please go to the VISITicket.com homepage for links to all the products available from VISITicket.com.

Q: All Products – I have paid for shipping but haven’t received my passes in the mail yet. Can I check the status of the shipment?
A: If you have selected to pay for shipping you will receive an email with a shipment tracking number. You should be able to use that tracking number to check the status of your delivery online.

Please email ordershipping@visiticket.com if you have additional questions about your shipment.

Q: All Products – Do I have to get to the participating location (attraction, restaurant etc) on my own?
A: It is the customer’s responsibility to get to each participating location unless it is specifically noted as a tour or excursion that includes transportation.

Q: All Products – If I purchase a pass now but I’m not going to use it until 5 months from now, for example, will it expire?
A: Products can be activated and used, for their valid consecutive day duration period, at any date during the one calendar year following the date of purchase. Unused products can be extended upon request at Travel Fun Card's discretion past the one year expiration.

Q: MealTickets - When I redeem my meal ticket do I have to get all three of my meals at the same restaurant?
A: Each MealTicket is good for 1 breakfast, 1 lunch and 1 dinner each consecutive day it is valid at any of the participating restaurants. MealTicket customers can choose to eat all three meals at one restaurant if that restaurant offers all three, but that is not required. Mealticket customers can choose a different restaurant for each meal. Please check the guide for which meals are available from the different restaurants as some locations, for example, may offer dinner only.

Q: MealTickets - If I’ve used one lunch one day, can I get a lunch the following day?
A: Each MealTicket is good for 1 breakfast, 1 lunch and 1 dinner each consecutive day it is valid at any of the participating restaurants. MealTickets expire at midnight, so having lunch on the second day would not be possible if it was only a 1 day MealTicket.

Q: All Products – Can I purchase VISITicket Power Passes or MealTickets online or in the destination city I am visiting?
A: Power Passes and MealTickets can be purchased online or in destination. When you purchase any of the Power Pass or MealTicket products on VISITicket.com you will be able choose to receive an emailed voucher or have the passes shipped to you for an additional fee. If you select to use a voucher, you will need to print out and turn in at a designated redemption location in order to receive your passes.

The passes are also available at locations in each destination city. Sale prices advertised on VISITicket.com are not available at the in destination sales locations.

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Q: Attractions Passes - Does the power pass include food?
A: The Power Pass is an attraction pass (some Power Passes may include discounts or credits for food.). If you are looking for a dining pass please see our MealTicket products.

Q: All Products – Can I use my driver’s license for my identification to redeem my tickets?
A: Yes, any valid photo identification can be used to redeem your voucher although it needs to match the form of identification, including the customer name, that was selected during the checkout process and which is listed on your voucher.

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